The Concept.

The concept of the BENEFITZ GOLF SCORE CARD is based around producing large volumes of cards to both improve the quality of the cards and to reduce the cost of the cards to the golf clubs. The concept was developed by our company back in 1988 and over the last 31 years we have refined our production systems to make further savings and improvements. Our state-of-the-art Volume Offset, InkJet and Digital machinery are tools that makes our business very efficient.

For economic reasons the formats of the BENEFITZ GOLF SCORECARD (i.e.: size and folds) are standard. NOTE: We can produce scorecards outside of these size options.

Size (you have 4 options)

The card size is 150mm deep x 218mm wide, with two creases. 

The card size is 148.5mm deep x 210mm wide (true A5 size), with one crease.

The card size is 148.5mm deep x 297mm wide, with two creases.

The card size is 150mm deep x 100mm wide.


Full colour is available on both sides of the cards, for use in sponsors’ advertising and for full-colour photographs.

The card we use is a quality card. We use 2 types – a completely uncoated card for those being laser printed at the golf courses and for all others a card that has a gloss finish on one side and an uncoated finish on the reverse or scoring side for ease of writing with both pen and pencil. Due to massive currency fluctuations the actual card used may vary from time to time, however the weight of the card is maintained at approx. 200-220gsm.

The layout of the card (within these size guidelines) is entirely up to the club. We suggest that to make the card attractive a photograph of the clubhouse or a picturesque part of the course is used. We are able to produce either a combined card (both men and ladies on one card), or separate cards.

Due to the way that we produce the cards they are available in multiples of 5,000. We recommend that you purchase 1 year’s supply at a time (the most economical way), however if changes to the course are anticipated a minimum number of 5,000 may be all that is required. The best way to calculate your usage is to take your busiest week and multiply this by 52 (if ordering a year’s supply). This way you will not run short. We can also do smaller quantities with pricing available on request.

We will keep in touch with you and remind you 2-3 months prior that you may need a reprint.

While these are the guidelines for our score cards we appreciate the need to be flexible for all clubs. Please do not hesitate to ask if your club’s requirements are slightly different. These special requirements may apply to size, folds or creasing, or quantities. Due to the volumes of cards we produce it is possible to satisfy most special requirements.

We are happy to assist your club in securing sponsorship/advertising for your score cards. In most circumstances, due to existing sponsorship arrangements in place at your club, it may be more appropriate for the club to secure the sponsor. However, if you require assistance in this area we are only too pleased to help. We will deal directly with your sponsor to ensure that they are 100% happy with their content on the Score Card.